Balanced, yet multifaceted
Classy, yet understated
Decisive, yet open
Musical, yet blissfully silent
Complicated, yet meditative
Verbal, yet intuitive

We amplify and reflect that of which we are made.

We are iceing on top…


YGOVALPENDWe make our jewelry in the U.S.A. from recycled and environmentally friendly-mined gold and ethically-mined diamonds.

All of the gold used in our stone pieces comes from 100% recycled metals.  At this time, we continue to search for producers of recycled chain and findings.

We source our gold from suppliers that utilize methods of production that re-use materials and conserve energy.

There is absolutely no difference in appearance, quality or value in our gold; the only difference is in your conscience.

(EGL Certificate –


ICE200We make our jewelry in the USA.  Our assembly is all handcrafted.

We are relentless in our perfection of each piece.


ICE101lgFriends who become sisters, good times and bad, fun times and hard times, joy and pain, forever and everything else is iceing on top!